Culture of many Chinese orchids

orchidnickFebruary 23, 2014

I just returned from the San Francisco orchid show which was fantastic. Found great stuff from the Chinese grower Henduan Mts.Biotechnology from whom I had pro-ordered but found more on his table. Also a new discovery for me, PHRAO Orchids Nursery from Thailand. Between these 2, I was totally stripped of cash (dog food for the rest of the month) and did not even look at the American vendors, the usual suspects, from whom one can buy stuff anytime. Ecuagenera was there but they'll show up in Santa Barbara and San Diego, these other 2 only come to San Francisco.

Had a lengthy discussion with Dr Holger Penner, the co-owner of Henduan who pointed out a basic mistakes he thinks many American growers are making with cold growing Chinese orchids. The parvisepalum Paphs are the prime example of what he is talking about. I treat them as cool growers and have them in the cold greenhouse. Correct treatment during the winter which is cold and dry in their natural habitat. However during the monsoon season they get very warm and extremely wet and they should not remain in the cold house. He recommends moving all of the Chinese orchids from that region into the warm house during the summer along with copious watering.

Moving them to the warm house is a new twist for me as I have thought of them as cool growers, not so according to him. Cold in the winter and quite warm in the summer is his recommendation..


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I'll bet the show was great for you. We moved from California 3 years ago. I think the Feb show is one of the things I miss most.

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