BLC has puckery leaves

poolia(6)February 2, 2014

This BLC leaves have become "puckery" as u can see from the photos. They were not that way when i got the plant about 2 months ago. It came planted in bark. Roots look fine. I'm giving it cat type care as far as light/temp/humidity. Watering when dry. Watered 3 days ago and thought the pucker would disappear if it was caused by the plant being too dry between waterings but it didn't. As i'm pretty new with this type of orchid i would love some help.

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I find some of my Blcs like a bit less light than other cattleyas. That leads me to wonder if what you are looking at is sun damage. Did you move it quickly into very bright light? If that is the case, the damage is done and all you can do is move it back a bit from the light and wait for the next leaf.

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Thanks for your advice Lisa. I didn't give them bright light until about 2 wks after I brought them home. Those first couple weeks I gave them phal-type light. The leaf color is great - the tip looks really light in the photo but it's not - bad picture.

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Too much light/heat. Just short of causing necrosis, won't reverse but does no harm. The new leaves will be normal


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I had this problem when my Catt's roots, unbeknownst to me, were suffocating in rotten medium. Eventually i did repot the plant, it languished for a while but then bounced back, produced healthy new growth and bloomed.
I might be wrong, but the young p.bulb in the background has this suspiciously dark color to it - in my experience, this can mean rot. In your case, though, might be simply a different color of the protective sheath on the p.bulb.

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I'd have to go with root issues too. The step before necrosis is high light/heat is yellowing caused by magnesium deficiency, not healthy looking green. Least of all indoors in z6.

How often are you watering it? Can we get other pics of the rest of the plant?

And most importantly you need to elaborate more on your culture beyond saying "Catt care". You actually didn't give us much information on its care.

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I once fitted my mother with a 600 watts lighting system which traveled on an 8' rail back and forth over her main table. Too much light too close to the plants. They puckered exactly like your picture shows. We were able to raise the light by 2' and the puckering stopped. Root problem can do it but too much light can also be the cause.


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Given the turgidity of the leaf in question, I do not think it is a root problem.
I'm indoors in zone 5 and we do indeed get light damage in the winter. The sun comes out from the clouds on that one darned day and you are at work- it also comes way farther into the house. My walkeriana cross took 2 years to bounce back from moving it into the sun too quickly in spring.
Whatever it ends up being, kudos for catching the problem earlier rather than later.

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Thanks for all the help. This plant was one of 4 cats bought at Lowes about 2 months ago. Tightly packed in soaking wet spag, most roots rotten. Repotted in bark. Since cats are new to me I went by the AOS culture sheet for watering. As for temp/humidity my sunroom is 60 at night and 75 day and humidity 55-65%. And according to that same sheet that should be good for cats. Gave all 4 plants same treatment. All are grouped together. The other 3 all have several new roots each. The plant in question has good color not as puckered but no new roots.

Will see what it does.

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