Organic Weed killer for Flower Beds

Gertrude1(6)April 20, 2014

Can anyone recommend an organic weed killer for my flower beds? I have lots of thistle weeds. Suggestions for home-remedies and store brands are appreciated.

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You might want to read this thread - the same qualifiers apply.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Over on the weeds forum, where you asked the same question, it was explained that a weed killer which kills broad leaved weeds like thistles will also kill your flowers. Pulling, hoeing, mulching and hand forking will work. Thistles are easy to spot and pull. Get them before they seed and you will gradually deplete the seed bank in the soil. Weeding is one of the integral activities of gardening and it helps you learn a lot about your plants by getting down close to your garden.

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The best organic "weed" killers are mulches and cultivators. The next best are a good healthy soil.

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I would love to know how a "good healthy soil" will control weeds. That's about the silliest thing I've heard. Since weeds are just undesirable plants, there is no way even a great soil can distinguish between them and a desirable plant. And since "good healthy soil" is pretty much recommended for good plant health overall, all you're going to get is very healthy weeds as well!!

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