Orchid mutation question

valthewizard(5)February 12, 2014

My orchid has bloomed two two-petaled flowers. I was told this was a mutation and not to worry.

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However, after two days of the mutated flowers blooming, they started to cringe up noticeably. My other flowers, the normal looking ones, seem to be doing fine, but they haven't been opened as long as the mutated ones.

Is my orchid ok? Is this just part of the mutation?

I will submit a photo later today, just want to know your thoughts as of now.

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Really val, dot stress about it; your plant is perfectly fine. Just let it do its thing and don't hover. If the flowers bother you, you can pluck them off.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Mutations of individual flowers are quite common. Extra flower tepals or missing tepals are the usual fault and the plant blooms normally next time.
Some mutations are permanent as in this example where the tepals are larger than in the normal form of "Bloodshot"
Oncostele Wildcat 'Bloodshot' (Mutation)

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