pcan-z9(Florida)February 28, 2008

Still my favorite....

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that is a beauty !!!

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Just lovely. Their little faces are different from plant to plant.

Yes, we're in different parts of the world, but how do you grow yours?


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susanblooms1(5, Milwaukee, WI)

I love mine, too. Mine bloomed last fall and it is holding a new bud but seems stalled. It did, however, get a new growth over the winter that has done very well.

I think it is waiting form my house to warm up a bit. I can't wait, it's such an interesting bloom.


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Thanks guys!!

Your right Susan the warm weather will crank things up!

WC, I grow the psychopsis in straight lava rock in an clay orchid pot. In summer it's watered daily (keeping in mind I am in Florida and a greenhouse grower) I go with a daily wet/dry cycle with pretty much everything. It's in the same light as my catts (3000+fc). It flowers almost nonstop, two spikes, starting a third.. I also have mendenhal and a papilio var aurea that I grow mounted. I really *love* this plant tho.....poor thing. This plant started off as a small piece of a plant a dear lady gave me. Hurricane Frances had blown it out of her tree and into a garage two blocks away. Then, last summer, a squirrel dumped this plant out of it's pot and carried it up a tree. My husband shot it down with the BB gun (the plant). So's been through so much lol. It's had some serious setbacks. I don't know if the "nine lives" thing applies ...............I would think so......

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highjack(z6 KY)

Beautiful Pat but what is the yellow blooming fool in back of the psychopsis?


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That blooming fool is Oncidium Grower Ramsey!

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

my fav also. Mine just opened another bloom and durn it, I broke off one of it's 'antennea' while moving it into the house. I bumped the ceiling fan. Your plant sounds like a determined survivor! Happy growing.

Sheila :)

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