diatomaceous earth? what stores sell it?

everlastingMay 15, 2007

I want to buy some of this. Do any stores such as menards, lowes, meijer, etc sell it? I would call and ask them, but I cant pronouce diatomaceous.....


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All of the locally owned garden shops around here have it on their shelves but I have not seen it at any of the Big Box stores maybe because the stench of the aisles where it would be adversly affects my ability to breath well enough to look.
This is pronounced as Di a toe ma shious earth.

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Diatomaceous earth can also be found at Peaceful Valley online at:

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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)


I just saw it at my local Lowes out in the garden section with some of the other organic products they carry. I bought some from a local feed and seed store earlier though.

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Im seeing it at my local Lowes for the first time
ever. Don't know if it's coporate or just a green
lawn and garden manager but this Lowes has started
carrying a pretty good selection of organic supplies.
Fish emulsion/powder, CGM, organic pest controls....
AND they stock them in a seperate aisle from the
chemical bombs.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Double check though, as the DE that the Lowe's here carries has something else mixed in - I don't now remember what. It's fine for killing insects, but if you wanted the DE for anything else, maybe not so good.

I got pure, food-grade/horticultural DE from Peaceful Valley a few years ago - it lasts a long time. I have spread it under/behind cabinets, etc., to kill off the pests that get into the house - it does seem to work. And it's the main thing that lets me grow eggplants and other such plants as it kills off the flea beetles until the plants get tall enough not to be effected. I do have to re-apply after rain, but....

Don't get the stuff sold for a pool filter - it's been heat treated and has a lot of free, very small particle silicon, so is VERY bad to breath in.

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If you have a Worm's Way nearby, they sell it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

everlasting...try this for a pronounciation guide: die-a-toe-MAY-shus

Saying it is easier than spelling it, lol!

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Yes, DE for pools is another animal all
together and not for organic use but
you should avoid breathing regular DE
as well

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DE turns out to be dangerous.
Don't have it around where it could be inhaled, don't ingest it. It is linked to lupus in humans and dogs, and causes reactivity. It is highly correlated to causing Sarcoidosis, see the link below.
Your family, and dog, could then be more at risk for developing or worsening, autoimmune diseases. Mineral grits such as DE, silica, and silica gel, stone dusts such as granite and quartz, clays such as kaolin and betonite, cement powder, wallboard dusts, plaster, lime and talcum, put you at risk and should all be avoided. Other autoimmune conditions such as RA, and Meniere's should use extreme caution to avoid grit also. I'd avoid that new mineral makeup too.

This stuff is going to hang around for a long long, time with out breaking down. There may be some other way to solve your problem.

There are good hearted sites, that aver [ too positively ] that DE can help lupus, but the medical research says otherwise. Any improvements from those sites is probably from their diets, which look pretty good.

Boric acid can cause long term reactions too. Please be careful. Glad you're trying, to do things organically. Hope you find something good. There are a lot of things slugs and bugs don't like. Saw some 1/16"- 1/8 " sharps today, maybe in the aquarium dept. Would such bigger pieces work for you? Good Luck, florey

Here is a link that might be useful: DE causing sarcoidosis and other autoimmunities

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Umm, gee florey, carbaryl, malathion, glyphosate, and a whole host of other commonly available products, including sugar, salt, etc. have also been linked to all of those things. DE is probably the least causative of anything else out there.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Food/horticultural grade DE has 3% (or less) free silica. I'd absolutely avoid breathing it in (wear a dust mask), but it is a good alternative for pest control in specific situations.

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Try wine making supply stores

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You've probably found it by now, but Lowes has it in northest Ohio. The bag has the OMRI seal printed on it.

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What will you be using it for, and where ?
Hope your masks are the good ones not just the paper, it's not great for skin either, don't forget the long sleeves.

Hi all, sorry to have been so heavy handed, a dear friend has this, and I was looking up 'lupus resins', and found the silica link. Following it up has been an education...Silica, in all forms, turns out to be the worst thing for lupus. People with lupus have got to be vigilent about this, and there has been little or no press on the silica connection, just tons of medical journal articles. In fact DE is touted to Heal lupus when it harms. grrr.
Looking up a lot of scientific possibilities of what might be helpful and what is un-helpful is important, and time consuming.
Finding the calcium carbonate from sea brine by electrolysis, is the next thing to check out, that and the magnesium carbonate. In lupus those mineral levels get very depleted, and need to be replaced in a non harmful form. It's tricky. Anyone knowledgable about this? not the 'coral' or lime please.
Lots of greens for calcium, in her future, they better not have grit on them, sigh.
Here are some more cut and paste lupus - silica links.



The DE is just one form, of silica. There's a lot of hidden, to unexpected, silica exposures. It's in most toothpastes, in many household 'health' products. Doing pottery, or cutting tiles, or bricks, exposes you to mineral dusts. If they've had high childhood exposures, this might be enough to put some one in your house over the line. It is a life altering illness. Many different mineral grits, will cause lupus antibodies to form, or to react - test positive, with white blood cells, , google a bunch, and see.
If there's lupus in your circle, it's good to be aware of this.
Carbaryl [sevin] is hell on bees. [ Also wondering about those ant and termite hive hormones-re bee disappearances] It's role in aromatic amino acids is interesting too.
They only get out the DC3s with malathion in the northeast, when there is an outbreak of EEE, around the usual wetlands. Glyphosate [round up] is on 87% of soybeans. It persists longer in colder climes. It is hard on native plants, weeds are building resistance.
People with meniere's disease, do have to be extremely cautious about salt, moreso than heart patients. In diabetes, it's sugar. Ordinary things can be worrying to fairly large populations. Sometimes everybody, sometimes not.
Episodes of diseases with an autoimmune component, are worth avoiding if you can.
Be cautious with the DE, if it will be in a place kids or dogs can get into it, or wind. It's good to know what you're dealing with. Good health to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lupus- exposures to Silica dust, pesticides, sunlight

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florey is right to be cautious. If you have any lung issues like asthma or worse you definitely would not want DE around. The particles would cause inflammation that takes a long time to bring down with steroid inhalers and medications. I have a bag of DE in the garage that I have never opened after I bought it and read the label. If its for slugs, use Iron Phosphate granules. Its sold under the Sluggo label or I bought it from Garden Supply under their own label.

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Thanks alyrics, I was dumb enough to use Boric Acid indoors, that was bad enough, couldn't figure out why we were coughing, duh. Only noticed why, after it had been there for weeks.
Had to use damp paper towels to clean up, vacuuming would have been a disaster. DE is much worse.

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