Clear pots and coconut coir

fxxyFebruary 26, 2010

Have heard as a suggestion that clear pots are good because the roots are always visible. Just wondering how the exposure affects the roots. Also where are these available.

Just discovered while working in my cellar, where anything is possible, a bunch of coconut fiber(probably from Ann Mann) Thst I have had for probably 10-15 years. As I remember, it was a real problem to get it wet. Anybody using this potting material???

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I like clear pots. I am of the impression that orchid roots being exposed to sunlight is a good thing. I get my pots from Kelly's Korner in Maine.

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coco fiber is is great for somw orchids but not all. but i would mix it in with other things like perlite, orchid bark, finely chopped moss ect... not just strait coco fiber.

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highjack(z6 KY)

What kind of coir? Is it the string fiber, ground up to look like peat or chunky like bark?

I've got terrestrials planted in ground coir/perlite and use the chunk coir on some Phals and some of my smaller rooted Catts.

Coir needs to be soaked to remove potential salt problems. According to my TDS meter, it takes three times to remove it.


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I grow in semi-hydro and used the clear 32oz deli containers that I buy at cash and carry. $7 for a stick of 50.
With the clear plastic I do get an algae build up. It won't hurt anything it just looks ugly. When it gets to heavy it is time to repot and put clean pellets in a new pot. The pots are so cheap it is not even worth my time to wash them. I just throw them in the recycle bin. The ceramic pellets go in a wash bucket with bleach. When the bucket is full they get washed

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I grow all but my Tolumnias in clear plastic pots (I grow a variety of species, Catts/hybrids, Cymbidiums, Phrags). The s/h containers I obtain from Ray's, and regular clear pots from Kellys in Maine (as noted earlier!). My Tolumnias I grow in clay pots.

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