Finding resources to buy insect predators for eriophyid mites

carolinamaryMay 7, 2010

Hi Folks,

I'm an organic rose grower here and have just had to eliminate 6 of the roses from my yard because they contracted Rose Rosette Disease. As I'm not willing to spray Avid to kill the particular kind of eriophydid mites that are responsible for spreading Rose Rosette Disease, I'm hoping someone here might have some relevant experience or knowledge with purchasing biological controls for eriophydid mites. (The specific kind of eriophydid mite that is the vector for Rose Rosette Disease is the Phyllocoptes fructiphilus mite, but I'm assuming that anything eating other eriophydid mites will probably eat this kind too.)

I've read in a few places that there are some critters (especially mites) that like to eat mites, including one critter that is supposed to be specifically interested in ingesting eriophyid mites. This predator is Amblyseius andersoni. (Another kind of mite, I assume.) Unfortunately I've had no luck with Google in finding sellers anywhere in the United States, though it wouldn't be the first time that Google has returned results only for every country EXCEPT the United States, where I live (and have done nothing to make Google periodically misbehave).

I'd appreciate hearing of any resources you know about in locating places to buy natural predators of eriophyid mites. Thanks so much for any help.

Best wishes,


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anney(Georgia 8)

Arbico sells mite predators. I use them for other gardening needs, haven't ordered predator insects from them, but they're very reliable with what I have ordered. I'd speak to their entymologist first to see if the predator mite linked to might help or if they have one that's better.

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Anney, thanks so much for this information.

Best wishes,

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For a "mite-eater" supplier see:


Here is a link that might be useful: Entomologist comments

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Henry, thanks so much. The Association of Natural Bio-control Producers website is a gem.

Best wishes,

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