contamination by fresh cow manure

heath5May 29, 2011

Six cows got into my vegetable garden and deposited cow dung across part of my rows of carrots and beetroots. I managed to remove some of it to an area that was not planted but close to the rows, but most had to be dug into the soil where it was. The carrots and beetroots are only a couple of inches high. I am concerned about pathagens in fresh manure from cows. Will I be able to use the rest of the vegetables in the rows and other vegetables near by and will it be safe to plant again this season where the cow dung was dug in?

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For root crops you would want about 120 days to harvest, although if you wash those in ground crops really good, and cook them rather then eating them raw, they should be okay. Above ground crops need about 90 days from applications of animal manures.

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In the 70s, I used all the fresh cow manure and all the fresh chicken manure I could get my hands on. Of course I also smoked cigarettes back then.

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