Should I buy this orchid?

elvisFebruary 27, 2011

I saw this at the grocery store--no pic; but maybe someone has a clue? Foliage is big and similar looking to my stanhopis, long, wide, ribbed, floppy. There are two thick spikes standing up 18" or so with a thick cluster of buds at the top. No tag, obviously, except "orchid". They want $33.00.


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almax881(z8 - Louisiana)


By no means am I an orchid expert, but paying $33 for a plant with no tag seems sort of pricey...especially when you can go to sites like Oak Hill Gardens and order an orchid you want for the same or a little less than that amount.

Of course, if the no ID thing is not important to you, this orchid might just be worth the cost because of the two thick spikes.

Just my thoughts. I imagine some of the more experienced growers could offer better advice.

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highjack(z6 KY)

The foliage and spike sound like a cymbidium and it is the season - they are in every grocery around here.


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Sounds like a Cymbidium, $33 is going price around here for a plant with 2 spikes. No bargain but no rip-off either. Won't be a quality flower but you'll probably enjoy it. Why don't you get one whose flowers are open so you know what you are getting, HD, Trader Joe, Armstrong nurseries, Lowe's are full of them right now.


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Thanks, you guys.

Got it--phaius grandiflorus tankervilliae. Nun's orchid. No one sells them here. I could wait for the weather, but it would be small, it would not be in bud, and besides, I can't resist. It's mine now, heheheh.

The foliage really does look exactly like my stanhopia...


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coffeemom(Broward z10)

The fragrance is like a perfume from a bygone era....

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Yahoo! I have hardly any fragrant orchids--now watch her bloom while I'm gone on vacation, LOL!

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