Dendrobium aggregata

raistlynFebruary 12, 2014

If anyone else has one, could you advise on when i should i start watering and treating it normally again? I know it needs a very strict winter dormancy, but the days are getting longer now. I dont see any new growth so far... Thanks!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

"strict winter dormancy". Even in the dry season in the tropics some dew will form that might help the plant get through hard times.
I've put in a link to a previous discussion and there are some pics.over on the photo gallery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous discussion

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The previous discussion is about a very closely related orchid. Here are the name details for your orchid.

Name Overview
Not Accepted by
Dendrobium aggregatum Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832, 3: 477 (1832), nom. illeg.
This name is a synonym.
Accepted Name: Dendrobium lindleyi Steud., Nomencl. Bot., ed. 2, 1: 490 (1840).

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Thank you. Mine looks shriveled but alive. Maybe I didn't give it enough water... Perhaps once every 2-2.5 weeks. Also it's been indoors with temps of about 18-20 degrees Celsius. I hope i will see some action in the coming weeks....

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vickys(5b ON CAN)

I'm looking for this little beauties but I cannot find a nursery in Canada that sells them.
I'm looking for Sarcochilus hartmannii, fitzhart, fitzgeraldii
Please let me where can I buy them

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I call them Dendrobium aggravatum as the little buggers have aggravated me over the years. Despite observing the winter dormancy I cannot get them to bloom with any kind of predictability. I have 4 of them, 2 bloomed this spring, last year one of them bloomed.

Aggregatum is an extinct term, either call them Dend jensinkii or Dend lindlyi. One is larger and more yellow the other is more orange. Jensinkii has smaller pbulbs.

Start watering them as soon as either new growth or spikes appear.


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I don't believe in "strict" no watering. I'd give it maybe 1/4 cup of water once a month anyway but thats just me. My den's have yet to go dormant, they have new growth that need nurturing.

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No flowers for me this year i guess - just 2 new bulbs growing out. Do they need to be kept cold as well as dry in winter? I was rather disciplined in giving it very little water over winter and lots of sunlight. But i wasnt able to keep it cool because it's inside the house and it was about 18 - 20 degrees c...

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All of the above and more. If in addition, you sacrifice a goat (a bunny or a chicken is not enough) and water with Holy Water only, you might get a 25% chance of success. And there is only a 17% chance of that actually happening.

Good luck, Nick

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I got lucky this year. This one was hanging in a tree, full Florida sun and did get watered when it rained. We did have some very cool nights (high 30's) and cool days. Not much rain, but it also got sprayed with the hose when my hubby waters everything in sight.

Didn't expect anything again this year and it bloomed its head off...go figure!

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allymarie(zone 10, So. Fl.)

Gorgeous Jane! I've had mine for quite a while.Only one inflorescence this year and that's because I moved it because I thought it wasn't getting enough light.I don't do anything to it.It's actually growing through the bottom end of the basket.

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