My cymbidium roots have black tips

tanie51(3b)February 7, 2014

Hello Orchid friends again,

I spent 2 hour searching for this info but found none. So, the best place is here with all you experienced orchids growers. Here is my question and I hope you can help me. Why my cymbidium roots have back tips? The new ones look white closer to the base and have nice clear green tips but the old ones, green all over but the tips are black, looked like they are half burned? Is it normal? If not, what can help to restore them to normal. Thank you in advance for your help.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

We might be experienced orchid growers but not for climates in Canada. I think you said you were near Calgary.

Anyway, I'm just curious, are you trying to grow a Cymbidium in the same conditions as a Phalaenopsis?

Provided the leaves look good I wouldn't worry too much about the black tips on old roots, maybe it is just because they came out of the mix and were exposed to air.

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Yes Arthum, I live in Alberta Canada where the Rocky Mountains are! And yes too, these cymbidiums are in the same spot with my phals except for I water the cymbidiums more often than to the phals. I have the feeling my the cymbidium and oncidium like my house more than phal. Hard to say because I have one phal is giving new root and one phal just gives out another leaf. Don't know why my first phal spike gave out last November had died! These cymbidium and oncidium look healthy except for black tip of the roots. Some of them are giving out new growths too. Thank you Arthum, if you said so, then I won't worry too much about that and will see. I just don't want them to die because I am ignorant of caring for them.


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