Help with fertilizing schedule for veggie garden

herbal(z7 MD)May 22, 2011

I have a strawbale garden going. Each bed is 6 bales side by side, with a 3-4 inch compost mix atop. The mix is composed of beautiful black compost(2 year old composted horse manure), multiple rock dusts, k-mag, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate and dry molasses. I have all the usual vegetable suspects planted into this.

My question is how much and how often do I apply fertilizer? I have organic alfalfa meal. Is alfalfa meal alone ok? One of my tomatos and one potato plant seem to be yellowing? Needs nitrogen? They're all transplants that I planted in 2 weeks ago. Although the bales were there for over a month.

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herbal(z7 MD)

Oh, and I have maxicrop seaweed powder, which is suggested for weekly use.

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Frequent applications of fertilizers is a hold over from the "conventional", or synthetic fertilizer, gardening concept where those fertilizers are highly water soluble and flow out of the soil and into the ground water as pollution and are not available to the plants growing there.
If you get your soil inot a good healthy condition, well endowed with organic matter so the nutrient levels are not so readily availlable the Soil Food Web will convert the nutrients in that organic matter into the foods your plants need when they need it, as they need without the need to reapply "fertilizers" every so often. That is the objective of an organic gardener/farmer.
When first starting, and before you get your soil into that good healthy condition you may need to apply a balanced, organic fertilizer which can be difficult to find, but whatever is used the label directions should be followed, closely.

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