Leaves falling off Pepper Plants??

musickep(7)May 31, 2011

Ok, 4th year gardening, haven't experienced this before. A few days ago I planted some pepper plants I bought (red/orange pepper plants). I bought them from a local nursery and they looked very healthy. Yesterday, on one of the plants, all the the leaves had fallen off. I checked them this morning and same thing with another one. There are no bugs or anything, and they are perfectly green. I touched one leaf and it fell off. What is causing this? Help! Also, anyone heard of planting matches with your pepper plants for the sulfer? The nursery suggested that. Please advise on that too. Thanks!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

any chance of pictures?

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No pics, no bugs, Just normal pepper plants, healthy looking, green leaves, happened the day after I planted them........the leaves fell right off. Only the stem is left. It happened to another one today. Very strange.

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kosherbaker(LA CA-10)

musickep can you call the nursery and ask them if these were sufficiently hardened off.

Another possibility might be the temperatures. Peppers do not like temps below 50.

Next possibility would be over watering.

And the last thing I can think of is over fertilizing.


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I'm thinking transplant shock, especially if your temps have dropped in this recent cold snap. Peppers are unfortunately prone to it and are sometime slow to take off afterward. If they don''t take off in a few weeks, you'll probably have to replant. Remember to transplant a moist - but not saturated - seedling in a slightly moist, but crumbly soil, then lightly water in with 70-80 degree water.

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Musickep, you do realize that Jean was asking if you could post some pics, not suggesting pictures were the problem.

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