Macrobulbon section of Bulbophyllum

orchidnickFebruary 9, 2011

After 14 years of looking, on and off, I have finally acquired the last of the macrobulbons. In 1997 I purchased a big Bulbophyllum from Kawamoto Orchids while on vacation in Hawaii. It had 2 tags, B phaelanopsis and B fletcherianum. I was told that if the flowers have little yellow worm like hairs it's phaelanopsis, if there are no hairs it's fletcherianum. A few years later it bloomed, no hairs and I got an AM/AOS award. They renamed it B spiesii but since then it's name has reverted to fletcherianum which is what I always have called it. That was the second award for on of these in the US, B spiesii 'Paul's Fragrance' AM/AOS. I named it in honor of my flatulent son who helped me build a green house.

That awakened my interest in the subgroup of macrobulbons but it has taken me until today to get all 6 of them. Finally secured a B cruentum from Tom Nasser at Carolina Orchids and now have the following plants:

B agastor 'Magnifico' CBR/AOS

B cruentum (not here yet but it will be)

B fletcherianum 'Paul's Fragrance' AM/AOS (the award was given to B spiesii)

B macrobulbon

B orthosepalum

B phaelanopsis 'Zuma Canyon' CMR/AOS

Sometimes you have to wonder what drives us to these endeavors. Anyway, I'm happy I finally have these six. Now am lokking for a Dendrobium dearii, also as rare as hen's teeth, if anyone has a lead, let me know.


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Den. dearei isnt all that rare. Mine isnt too happy after being repotted, Ill look tomorrow.

Quite jealous you found the rarer 3. I have a 'Zuma Canyon' division, macrobulbon and fletcherianum. Ive heard different things Carolina Orchids concerning identifications, but that drive for some sort of completion is difficult to shake.

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It (B cruentum) arrived in the mail today, delayed by bad weather, definitely a nice plant. Also got a B sigaldii in spike with an umbrell of strong flowers in the process of opening. That plant had a number of synonyms like B vietnamense, B dalatense and all of the above repeated under Cirrhopetalum but Garey recently pulled it all together and now it is only known as B sigaldii. Apparently smells to high heaven, I can't wait for it to open so I can take it to my daughter's home for decoration.

I have bought from Carolina Orchids before and always was very pleased. I consider them one of the better sources of hard to find Bulbos.


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highjack(z6 KY)

My husband just got back from Tom's on Wednesday and yes, a few more bulbo followed him home. Enjoy your stinky family, I prefer the fragrant, as in nice, type.


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Brooke, your husband is a lucky man to be envied. Living close enough to Tom to actually visit.

It's an acquired taste, in the nose of the beholder. I don't get to enjoy my 'nice' orchids very much, when in bloom, my daughters haul them off to decorate their homes. The Pleuros, Stelis, Bulbos etc, are safe from these pirates.


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highjack(z6 KY)

Nick I guess that makes me lucky too since I live with my husband.


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I have no doubt you both can be considered lucky. Pardon my earlier sarcasm.


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Nick, a Google search turned up a few den. dearii. Apparently they're out there~~


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