Phal putting out more than twenty new roots all at once

philpetFebruary 1, 2014

Hi guys, now this is not a complain but a sigh of relief. I had this phal wich bloomed for over 18 months stright I had to remove the spike for it to rest. It was in spag when I got it and by yhe time I repotted it only three roots we're left. I repotted in a bark mix in november of last year not wanting to wait any longer well its now the begining of february and this orchid has put out over twenty new roots I am amazed at it. Goes to show when an orchid want to live it put out everything. I just wanted to shere my joy with my family here. We mostly post pic with sick or dying orchid seeking advise as to how to treat a wide range of issues. Well just thought I would post a few pic of a big sucess. And of an orchid which decided your not getting rid of me that easily. :). This pic is of the entire plant lots of long nice leaves. I will post two others so you can see both the back and front of the plant. Roots everywhere. Enjoy. VELLETA.

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Ok so this is the back of the plant or one side. Velleta

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And this is the frt or other side. It also has maybe about six to seven branching off frm the first three root that it was left with when I repotted it. Velleta.

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Velleta, this is awesome :) I've got one that is growing about 15 new roots, a new leaf, and two spikes (the last time it bloomed was last winter, and that was straight from the grower--with just one spike). Some of them are really troopers!

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Never complain about roots

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Not a complaint,terpguy OVERJOYED. Yea me. Velleta

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

Well done Velleta!! Did you use a root stimulant?

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Thanks shavedmonkey, remember I told you in another tread that we only get superthrive here in Jamaica well I use it with 20-20-20 every other watering. Oh and I prayed a lot too ð that's it. But I honestly do that with all my other orchids, so I guess this one really wants to stick around ðÂÂÂ. Velleta

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