Anything blooming for you?

terpguy(7)February 20, 2014

Haven't had one of these in a while. Anyone wanna share what they have blooming?

Potinara (BLC Miami Gold 'mendenhall' x SLC Final Touch 'Golden Fleece') -beautiful rich red with yellow throat

Encyclia cochleata

Miniature nobile dendrobium (pocket lover x sikka pink balsy) - lavender and white. Lovely fragrance.

Psychosis hybrid
Noidpastel phal akin to phal summer beach

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It sounds like you have a lovely bouquet going...

I have several Phals reblooming, and rebudding, including
Yu Ping Panda "White Leopard", Doritaenopsis Green Field Zuu #3, and a shell-pink NOID gift.
I also have an Oncidium Twinkle Red reblooming and a Paph. in early bud.

My latest acquisitions were Oncidium Heaven Scent "Redolence" (Lovely fragrance), a Miltonidium Ruffles and a couple of pretty NOID Phals, one a Mini.

My main love is still Butterfly Gardening but the orchids really catch my eye in the bleak Winter months.

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Doritaenopsis Green Field Zuu #3

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Oncidium Twinkle Red

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westoh Z6


I'm having a very good winter...

Currently blooming:
Paph. delanatii
Paph. niveum
Paph callosum x Voodoo Magic
8-10 hybrid phals, several more in spike.
Phrag. Dick Clement x sargentanium
Phrag. Barbara LeeAnn x longifolium
Phrag. caudatum x Magic Tresses (Really neat plant, @ 15" tails on 1st bloom)
Phrag. Peruflora Spirit (huge flowers, kovachii hybrid)
Phrag. Fritz Shomburg
Phrag Cahaba Glow
Phrag. sedenni
D. unicum
D. abberrans
D. tanni
D. Micro Chip
3 Masdevalia hybrids
Asco. Cherry Blossom (1st flower was open this morning!)

A couple of other mini-vanda types spiking,

Probably a couple of oddballs I've missed.

All of this in a spare bedroom, my windowsill here at work or in window sills at home. Pretty nice on these gloomy winter days.


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I've got a standard Cymbidium 'Mighty Sunset',
Vandafinetia Blaupunkt (currently going to the Lansing show)
Den. Burana Blue Sapphire (also at show)
Leptotes pohlitinocoi (ditto)
DL Misoguchi 'Snowflake'
a mini cat by Hausermann that has 'Eric' in the name
and a species Den I bought at the last show.
Not too bad, and I have four deciduous dendrobiums all filling out their buds right now.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

We've had a very weird winter here, with record cold and mostly gray days. But still have a few blooming:

Bletilla striata
Dendrobium anceps
Encyclia osmantha (has a huge bud)
Jumellea confusa
Paph Hsinying Alien (Supersuk x Raisin Pie)
Phalaenopsis NOID (white w/ red lip)
Phalaenopsis NOID (buds look like a purple mini flower)
Restrepia dodsonii

I can't resist looking at the clearance table at Lowe's for drastically marked-down Phals (usually untagged). I take them home, give them some R&R so they will bloom again, and then give them to my local society for the raffle table.

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My favorute haunts for Phals lately is Hy-Vee and Copps Groceries when they first come in. They're usually untagged, but attractive nonetheless, and the care is all the same.

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Wow CJ, how are ya? Haven't seen you round these parts in a hot minute.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Hi terp! Hope you have been doing okay. Had some health problems and wasn't on the computer very much. Now back to orchid growing! Have managed to get hooked on Neofinetia falcatas., lol.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

CJ. Here you go! One of the little beauties.

I split my plant up and one of the bits was in bloom till a week ago.

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