do aphids come in rainbow colors?

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)May 23, 2011

I think my veg. garden is infested with this..."things" my tomatoes plants have all diferent kind of colored bugs on them I identified white flies so far there's a green,brown,purple bugs too,I'm thinking the green ones are peas aphids ,this is my second year and last year my only problem were stink bugs that killed all my squash plants,I also have a misterious bright orange powder that start it on the cold weather crops(I got rid of them except for cabbage and the head lettuce I forget its name)well back to the powder it looks just like the stuff you get on you fingers after eating cheetos.any ideas what this may be?

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Yes. They're often green, but they do come in other colors.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yes, regarding the assorted colors of aphids. You'll find them in green, pink, red, yellow, gray, brown, black, and spotted.

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The Cheetos dust sound like the fungal disease called "rust."

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Aphids can come in a wide range of colors, depending on the species of the Aphid and the plant they are on. The link below can supply you with information needed to aid in control.
You may also have a wide range of other insects, not just Aphids.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aphids

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HELP! I just brought seedlings home from the greenhouse on Sunday, I thought only a few varieties of hot peppers were affected, hit them with a forceful spray of water, but now I'm finding aphids on the sweet peppers and tomatoes as well! Lots of leaf curl, some plants are wilting.

Uncle had used Safer brand insecticide on them (not sure what day), I was trying to stay organic but they are decimating my crop! Should I reapply the Safer? Not sure with over 100 plants I can keep them all down with water, not w/o losing too many. I already lost quite a few from seed to 4" pots.


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Safer insecticidal soap acts quickly and has almost no useful effects after application -- almost the same as a hose at high pressure. I do both when the aphids are out of control, spray my infested gaura and other plants with Safers soap, then come back through an hour later with the hose to avoid soap phytotoxicity, which can happen on warm days.

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This spray didn't seem to be a "soap" (and didn't seem to have much effect!), according to the website it is a mix of "pyrethins (.012%) and potassium salts of fatty acids (1.015%)"

In desperation, I went to HD today and got some "Organicide" OMRI listed concentrate, mostly sesame oil and fish oil, guy there told me to mix it 1 oz to the gallon with 1 oz (Tbsp?) of baking soda (the baking soda wasn't mentioned on the label, and this is lower concentration than manufacturer recommends). Only thing of concern is that my heirloom tomatoes "may show sensitivity" so they recommend spot-testing.

Has anybody used this? If not, what brand of insecticidal soap is recommended? I asked for it at HD, but they didn't have any, all they had were pyrethrin or oil-based (one was rosemary and other herbs) sprays.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Whenever you manage aphids, you need to repeat as needed.

All you need do is miss one aphid and she can re-populate the plant -- one live birth every 20 minutes! (They're built for survival!)

The "potassium salts of fatty acids " are the soaps.

one oz = 2 tablespoons

As for Organicide, I have no idea why add baking soda. If the label doesn't say it, you don't add it. Beyond that, could damage plants.

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Baking Soda can help with fungal diseases but does nothing for Aphids. Another good reason to take anything the people at the big box stores tell you with several grains of salt.

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I didn't use it. Population looked greatly decreased this AM with just the water treatment.

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