Sharry Baby

larrylwill(7)February 25, 2010

Where can I acquire a Sharry Baby orchid at a reasonable price. I don't want to spend a lot until I see how it does in my house.

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You can generally expect to pay about $25 or thereabouts, give or take. They are often for sale at Lowes or Home Depot or various plant nurseries. Or you can order them online. They might be smaller plants for cheaper but shipping will most likely bump you back up close to $25 will have them. One of the best in the business.

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HD has a lot of them as does WM, haven't checked Lowes but I haven't found a Sherry Baby, I don't recall they had names so I was smelling them all.


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Ok now I want a Sharry Baby and a MAXILLARIA tenuifolia.
However and every other mail order company I have found has one or the other not both. Any I have missed?
Andy's Orchids
Bergstrom Orchids
Carter and Holmes
First RayÂs Orchids
Miranda Orchids
Neptune Orchids
NormanÂs Orchids
Oak Hill Farm
Parkside Orchids Nursery
Tropical Orchid Farm

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I have a Sharry Baby that certainly won't be blooming this year, but maybe next year....

My husband bought mine at a local grocery store, tagged and all for $19.99. Not badly priced and a great specimen!

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Andys won't have SB, its purely a species company. Many times nurseries have more plants than they can list online, so you have to email and ask if they have it. I can almost guarantee you oak hill or normans orchids (buyer beware with this one!) will have both, possibly even Parkside. Just email or call and ask about availability. We have begun show season in the orchid world, and many vendors are busy or away, so you might expect a delay in reply.

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larrylwill, Hausermanns Orchids has got both sharry baby and maxillaria tenuifola. I live only about 2 miles from them and I just called them. They said they have both just not in bloom or spike. They are having a big weekend sale there this weekend so I will be going over there later. So if you call them you can order whatever you want. Their website is You can get their phone number from there. Hope this helps.

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Does anyone know when the Huntsville Orchid show will be? I can not find a date.

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