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zzzztimeFebruary 16, 2014

I have had this plant for a few years. About a year ago it started looking unhealthy, and about 9 months ago it sprouted this baby. It has taken 9 months for the baby to get this big. The 2 leaves are growing very slowly, but the 1 very tiny root has been the same size for quite a while. Although the main plant doesn't look good, it actually is looking better then it did. My question is- should I do something with it. I have read that you should wait until the root/s are over 1 inch long, but I'm worried that the 1 little root is dieing. I do spray the baby when I water.
Thank you
I will send another pic.

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zzzztime, Have you repotted your phaleanopsis since you've had it? I'll bet that if you unpot it you'll find most of the roots have rotted. It's easy to overwater these and kill the roots. If the roots are OK it's struggling for some other reason.

Regardless, the issue you have now is potting up the kekei(baby). I had a phal that did 2 kekeis two years ago and like you I waited hoping to see more root action. It didn't happen. So I cut them off and repotted into their own container. At first I tried to pin it into a pot next to the mother phal. That didn't work for me so I snipped them off. One had almost no roots, the other one had about 1 1/4". Both are doing OK now and have their own root system. Both have small flowers that should open soon.
I repotted in March of last year.

Good Luck.

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The keiki probably isn't growing much because the mother plant just doesn't have any energy to provide for it. With my 20+ years of experience, I would repot the main plant first trying to get it growing again and that will get the keiki growing better and strong enough to live on its own.

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