ughman(NW Washington)May 12, 2011

I want to fill in empty areas in my Asparagus bed. Is it to late to plant new crowns?

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Im no asparagus expert, but I thought the asparagus planting month was march.

But what could it hurt? Its gonna be a few years anyways, why wait longer?

I was about to add 3 year asparagus crowns this year to the garden, but ALAS!

I found some asparagus growing out of my IVY!

This is amazing! I have never watered this area, nor planted asparagus, two thirds of the way up a steep hill at the end of my property.

After years of wanting asparagus, but not getting to planting because of the several year wait till harvest. This year I have been enjoying my "Wild" asparagus. Best tasting asparagus I have ever had.

Maybe some Asparagus expert can comment. Is it too late to plant asparagus? If so, I Better plant more now, rather then waiting another year.

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