Toxic metals in organic foods?

zzackey(8b GA)May 13, 2014

There will be a show on Dr Oz today about toxic metals being in organic foods. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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He's having "Health Ranger" Mike Adams on his show to talk about this.

Not only is Mike Adams a crazy as hell guy...he has absolutely 0 training in any science related field, food related field, or health related field.

Here's something he wrote in 2012...his predictions for 2013.

It used to be on his own site, but after he realized how crazy it made him look (along with most all of the predictions not even coming close to true), he removed it.

Mike Adams is a dangerously irresponsible wingnut and once again, "Dr" Oz is giving another wingnut a forum to spout nonsense they have no training or education to spout in the first place.

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zzackey(8b GA)

Thanks!That makes me feel better. I never totally trusted Dr Oz anyway.

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I could not agree more. Well said nc. "Dr" Oz is a high strung circus act needing to fill daytime tv hours.
I do not doubt he is perfectly good at what he was trained to do, but he is now on a crazy daily rant fed by assistants frantically trying to come up with ideas to support commercial dollars.

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Organic doesn't mean non-toxic. Natural doesn't mean non-toxic. Someone of the most toxic substances on earth are natural and organic.

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One thing the NIH says is that the world population gets most of its Cadmium from The general population is exposed to cadmium mainly through diet (in particular through cereals and vegetables) and through smoking. The general population is exposed to most of its arsenic from drinking water. Remember that marketing slogan: buy a filter or be a filter.

NIH: "Metals occur in all foodstuffs. Of particular concern is the presence of toxic metals, which include lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The toxic metal content of foods is influenced by many factors ranging from environmental conditions during growth to post-harvest handling, processing, preparation and cooking techniques."

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zzackey(8b GA)

I thought maybe it was something they fertilized with.

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

"Buy a filter, or be a filter"... Man, i'm going to steal this one, could'nt say it better myself!

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That allegation has been around and spread by numerous people since the 1960's, most of them with ties to corporate interests. None of the research I have seen supports what these misinformed people are saying.

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there are elevated levels of arsenic found in rice and other foods but it's certainly not exclusive to organic gardening.

while i don't think there is a clear correlation i'm avoiding using fertilizer with chicken manure and feather meal because of the elevated levels of arsenic found in them and I could not find a company that would say they tested the levels or sourced their chicken waste/byproducts from sources that didn't feed with arsenic

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There's too much thought being given to this subject.

It's Mike Adams.

Mike Adams decided a few years ago he was an end-of-times doom/gloom weirdo (with a libertarian edge) in addition to his self-anointed "health/food" expert label...and for some reason decided to write about it on his useless website along with his useless "health/food" articles.

When he realized this was harming his image he made a change in stance, removed a lot of the political stuff from his stie, and blamed his past pessimistic views on toxins/metals found in organic food.

It is not a coincidence that it coincided with him opening up a "lab" to "test" and "approve" things he's trying to brand.

Mike Adams is one of the largest pieces of crap to walk this planet...and his followers are either innocently misguided into thinking this idiot knows something or are willfully ignorant.

He will sell out anyone and anything to make a buck...and he knows very little about what he claims to be an expert on.

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Someone wrote an article about him today...for those that might want a Mike Adams primer...

Here is a link that might be useful: Mike Adams, the Alt Medicine Purveyor Who Calls himself the ‘Health Ranger,’ Threatens to Sue Forbes and Writer

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>> None of the research I have seen supports what these misinformed people are saying.

That doesn't surprise me. Chill, man. I do agree that every statement that you disagree with is by misinformed people.

Let's just say it makes the water taste better.

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The problem with some "organic" farmers is that they figure relying heavily on animal poop, since it's accepatable to the government, is perfectly "safe".

These farms become a place for heavy metals to accumulate in concentration. The soils get all over the farm workers, and on their hands.

Before agriculture came along with the demise of the hunter/gatherer, poop was widely spread out and not concentrated in one area, such as on an "organic" farm, and sharing space with the food source.

The food from these farms inevitably comes into contact with the concentrated metals in the soil, before arriving at the grocery store, and needs to be washed especially well, arguably, as well as, or more so, than on a "synthetic" farm.

Simple logic... "truth" has nothing to do with the person who proclaims to endorse it, such as Dr. Oz or Mike Adams.

Galileo was considered to be a wngnut, and attacking the messenger doesn't make a point any more valid, even when one is right, if that is the crux of an argument.

We know this becuase even a stopped clock is perfectly accurate, twice a day. Attacking the source may possibly be valid as a supporting argument, but not as a main thrust..

In the case of Mike Adams and Dr. Oz, one small fact gets buried into a half hour, sensationalistic, entertainment program in order to make advertisement bucks. It was impossible in the beginning for Dr. Oz to remain credible with a daily show.

I'm surprised, when a poster implies that they have a science background, and don't remember this lesson about logical fallacy, at the very beginning of his or her course work. Credible scientists will always fall back on logic, and avoid ad hominem fallacies as their main point, or they fail.

Ask Galileo. And a host of other original thinkers who were emaciated by the "enlightened' elite. My guess is that you are a liberal, nc-crn, because of your use of the term "wingnut". Not a problem, but it's a dog whistle and stands out in writing or in oral communication.

A""wingnut", before it became a slang against anyone with whom we may disagree, allows the user to quickly tighten or untighten without a tool, where frequent adjustments may be made. In that sense, it is the opposite of a ridgid blowhard.

Irony is very cool. And in the case of your rant, seems to stand out, particularly, amongst scores of other posts from scores of other posters that I've read today.

You are welcome to attack the messenger, as you do to make an otherwise valid assertion on sensationalism in the media. I have a very thick skin. But I do think in your zeal, you missed an important, reasonable point about heavy metals.

I don't rely on the govt to tell me what is "organic". What I grow, without heavy use of manures, I know is better for health.

Getting "unhinged", in my eyes, causes folks like yourself to miss out on a valid point, namely, that some "organic" farms care little about the difference between **** and shinola, just cuz they're certified by Uncle Sam, and fall under the standardized "limits" for toxicity.

There is absolutely no reason to rely heavily on poop, other than for economic reasons. Greed and ignorance. Dig it...

Mackel "Get-Real" McNeil

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I apologize for being blunt, but try to minimize my time going round and round with nonsense when communicating. Not everyone who is blunt has bad intentions, or poor social skills, or has had a terrible day. I am interested in truth, and I believe that love and truth go hand in hand. M

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I'm telling you why Mike Adams is taking this's his explanation. He's trying to re-write his history and nullify his political rants he used to post because it's cost him fans (and therefore money).

He has -literally- stated that metals in food he consumed (almost all organic) caused him to become mentally unstable and ranting about doomsday conspiracy...without any proof. He's writing all of that off by saying "Yeah, I was crazy, but that's not the real was because I was poisoned by metals, but I'm okay now!"

To quote...

"Notably, Adams found that exposure to toxic elements in foods altered his mindset, outlook on life and degree of happiness in the world. "I now know that much of my outlook on the world was being negatively shaped by toxic elements found not just in everyday foods, but also in some superfoods and dietary supplements," Adams now explains."

It's also kinda convenient he now owns and operates a "lab" to test for these very things with his own made up certification. It's also kinda wingnut as hell that he has absolutely 0 proof of his own "poisoning" nor an explanation about why it made him a doomsday wingnut. He just states it as an excuse and runs with it. THE METALS MADE ME DO IT!

The message isn't provided with proof or even a logical explanation grounded in existing science.

I'm attacking the message and the messenger...but more than that I'm explaining why Mike Adams is taking this current stance. He is 100% untrained in his field, yet he claims to be an expert in agriculture, healthcare, chemistry, cancer treatment, etc. The guy has a degree in computer science and was a technical writer before he decided he was a "Health Ranger."

He shouldn't be allowed to have such an audience to spew his crap. It's irresponsible. Mike Adams isn't Galileo...he's PT Barnum at best.

...and about being upset about the use of "wingnut" this and tell me what kind of person we're dealing with here: "Wingnut" is being nice. This is a crazy baseless rant based on his own hatred and fear. But was the fault of "metals" he wrote that...or so he claims.

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Okay. I get it. M

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Now, onto less serious, nc-crn. You realize you've opened up pandora's box, now, eh ?

My prediction is, you've got some wingnuttery buried down there somewhere in the woodwork...North Carolina? It's invevitable...

and it's just a matter of time -> that serpent rears it's head ... Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Just're on an organic forum...stick to the mission...stay on board as a "science guy"....and I won't tell anybody...

Mackel the Jackal

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Don't trust a word that comes out of Dr OZ's mouth!!! This bozo drives me nearly crazy every time I've watched some of his shows. He is a complete LIER!!!!!!!!!! There's quite a few topics I am very knowledge about in fact I am often educating doctors.

The last time I watched one of his shows I was over at a friends house... she wanted it on... I didn't fuss. She's a nurse and extremely smart in her field... this girl didn't really need any schooling. Well, Dr. Oz was discussing a topic I haven't studied and was more body technical... all of a sudden my friend jumped up and said "what the hell" etc... she went on what he just expressed was completely wrong and explained to me the facts. It's been so many years I forget what it was about.
I replied back to her after hearing what she had to explain... EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I find the majority he tells America is absolutely WRONG info. THE guy pisses me off...

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Oh and BTW.... due to chemtrails yeah.... they spray all kinds of metals all over us and our planet. Those who don't believe.... you obviously haven't paid much attention to the skies and YES indeed our government and many other countries admit it and MOST of the proof they provide online admitting to weather modification and the chemicals used they spray. Geesh... even Pres Kennedy spoke about it in one of his speeches they are doing this...

THe American military admits it.... there's HARP... in fact if up for lease for 5 million a year RIGHT NOW... it's like so much slam of proof and even Pres O has spoken about it and claiming it real.... some people just won't listen and deny it. It's pretty insane. They list the companies they hire to make the technology... the chemicals they use to spray on us creating cancer and death to us and other species...

Yeah, no one here likes to hear it and it does seem "unreal" that there is technology to control the weather... over 90% of it is currently controlled. This includes creating the hurricanes, tornados, lightening storms, rain and droughts, earth quakes etc... Mother Earth is nearly non existent with her weather patterns today. It's been this way for a couple decades... today it's over 90%. In fact they use fake clouds.... they have machines producing on a ground level what appears like clouds... goes up to the sky.... have a look outside... you'll see them. And we see NO help for drought areas... have we? Oh they hesitate not to send 20 tornados to a certain spot. The fracking in a different issue.. don't get me confused with some of the EQ's. Yes EQ's happen and other things... but storms it is controlled now. Research HARP, frequencies etc.... I've known "all" about it for over 20 years now... finally about half of our population is waking up and seeing it and seeing the proof and the documentations etc....

If they have HARP up for lease right now... got to guarantee they created far better technology and it isn't out in the open yet. Military etc is usually 10 years advanced than what run offs we get....
They advanced some years ago making Orgone basically non effective. I use to be followed every single step when I made this... they broke into my place, followed me by car and helicopters... when I made it I ALWAYS got an illegal helicopter visit about 20 feet from my place.... I rented the entire top floor. Always got military on duty to get a job where I would work... it was insane. Why did I spend so many thousands out of my pocket and risk my life??? Because I care about Earth and my health and yours and all species. I would drop off the orgone I made next to cell towers etc... it totally worked... then they would amp it further. While I expressed the few people not to trust... dont' trust the famous ones behind the orgone claims. Its' a strange world.... we all have a soul and love we are able to feel... some people care to destroy it and brain wash us to something that isn't love.

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Alright.. I am reading some up to all of the posts.... natural news is NOT a reliable website for info... they give off a lot of false info.

infowars.... he IS an insider... where little info he tells may be true.... much of what comes out of him is false info. HE is a hired fearer.... Insider means he works for the people he claims to go against.

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LOL..... while I don't defend nor support a person I don't know... reading very little info and I already mentioned... natural news is so rubbish... a lot of INCORRECT info...

So what if one is only known with a degree in certain field??? NEVER matters what is also in their brain of knowledge.

It's so silly and stupid... I'm not going to waste any more of my time explaining it to a "bird brain".

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That was some rough reading-- no more drinking while posting, Flo9. I've been guilty in the past, myself, but never again. I gave that stuff up altogether, and am much better off, now, that I did. Best wishes.


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What about troll poop? Does it also concentrate heavy metals? And if it's fresh, do I need to let it compost first?

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Little trolls that are lower on the food chain, Elisa, would be the go-to poop source. You can lay it down right next to them 'maters, and not worry 'bout that secret sauce on yer pizza.


This post was edited by Mackel-in-DFW on Fri, May 23, 14 at 12:19

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Also, you can do the sniff test, Elisa. If it smells sweet, it can't be beat. If it smells rough, age that stuff. M

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I just didn't know where else to go with those two questions, Elisa, ya threw me fer a loop...Have a nice weekend.

Mackel, the "Troll Poop Expert"

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One can readily get too much arsenic and selenium from fairly common natural sources and in rarer specialized locations too much of a few other metals (e.g., uranium). Wild shrimp can have a lot of arsenic and plants from selenium-rich soils in the midwest can have too much selenium. Details complicate the situation: the arsenic in shrimp is in a form that is not easily absorbed or retained and thus is not much of a real problem. I think most arsenic in rice is removed with the hull, making "less healthy" milled white rice actually better in this way than whole-grain rice.

What makes arsenic in drinking water common worldwide is a big area in India, though it can be excessive here too, including in NC.

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