Cymbidium culture suggestions?

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)March 23, 2011

In a moment of weakness, I bought a couple of cymbidiums, although quite a few years ago I was spectacularly unsuccessful with them. Here's my new plan:

I have a porch on the north side of my house where I keep a number of low light plants such as clivia, and the cymbidiums would be in an area that gets a little morning sun, and then bright shade for the rest of the day. They would probably not get any rain directly. This setup would be from mid-May to late September, and here in coastal CT the temp might spike to 98*F briefly for a few days, but not often.

The rest of the year, I would keep the 'chids in a cool room in my house where they would still get some early morning sunlight, but otherwise would get only bright shade--I will probably use some artificial lighting. My many clivias have always done well in this area over the winter with very low shade. The temps in the part of my house (believe it or not) seldom go over 55*F.

When I tried my hand at cymbidiums before, I'm afraid I gave them much too much sunlight and incorrect watering, mostly overwatering.

I'm open to suggestions--do my new conditions seem reasonable for the new cymbidiums, or is it another exercise in futility? I would like to hear of others' experiences...



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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Clivas are low light plants whereas Cymbidiums are high light plants. I cannot give you precise growing instructions because i do not know what you would do to get your Cymbidiums through winter in zone 6.

Just imagine you are in the Southern Hemisphere and you are visiting the collection of one of the better Cymbidium growers. His back-yard is an old sandstone quarry cut into a hillside, the walls of this quarry face North East. His Cymbidiums are on terraces getting all day sun through shade-cloth.

Because of the elevation the plants are getting breezes.

Limiting Factors in growing Cymbidiums
Average Summer night temps above 20C
Size of plants (Especially the Standard (large Flowered) types
Minimum temps in winter not below about 0C.

If you want to grow Cymbidiums inside i suggest you seek out the so called warmth tolerant types developed in Florida to get past that 20C Summer night

Lots of good info in past posts about Cymbidiums.

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