phalaenopsis slime!

maria_sMarch 8, 2011

Hello everybody!

I have 6 phals and three months ago I visited my sister to NY for Christmas so I had to leave my plants to a friend, who (I thought) she knew the basics since she has some phals herself. I got them back yesterday. Two major things I noticed when I walked in her house. She had placed them in front of a window (where did the no "direct sunlight" rule go?) and very close to her fireplace- believe it or not! (where did the "no changes of temperature and no extreme temperature conditions" rule go?). The plants seem ok though, with a lot of new tiny buds and new spikes growing high on the old spikes (THAT is something that I haven't seen before- usually new spikes grow from the bottom of the plant right? They don't look so pretty this way). As soon as i got them home, I noticed the pots were... flooded in water! I have no idea if she kept them like this the whole time, or if she had just watered them and waited to drain them after a while. I tokk them out one by one and drained them. One of them had this smelly slimy goo dripping from the bottom of the plastic pot. I tried to rinse it, it was all around the plastic pot and inside the ceramic pot i keep them, and it was slippery and disgusting! WHAT IS THIS THING? Is it fungus? Did it develop from- obviously- overwatering? Will it kill my plant? Can I do anything to help it? I rinsed off almost all of it but I believe there is more left INSIDE the plastic pot. The weird part? This plant has the biggest growth of all! It has 4 new spikes, full of tiny little buds! Thank you in advance for your precious advice! Maria

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

First, knead the pot to loosen the roots from the sides. Then slip your fingers around the crown of the phal, turn the pot upside down, and then slip the pot off. This will allow you to see what's going on in the pot. You may have to rinse the roots off inside the pot, if they're not all rotten already. You can safely slip the pot back on as you haven't disturbed anything.

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Few years ago, I had this kind of problem, we had 16 days and night of continuos rain.
I checked the roots of my phals, cut off the ugly squishy roots
left the phals' roots under the sun for a couple of hours
Then pour on the roots grounded cinnamon
Repoted the phals in new media
Checked them every day
and all of them got well.
I hope these tips can help you

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