My poor little Phalaenopsis

nelumboMarch 23, 2011

Hi everyone!

About 1 week ago I went to the flower shop and bought a bouquet for a birthday. Then I saw one poor Phalaenopsis and it has 2 leaves (both of them has broken (not all leaf but still)) and only 3-4 roots. The roots were sad, too. I'll let you some pictures of them. Then maybe you can see and say, what can I do with it.!

Will it survive? I have transplant it, too but I don't know, what to do next?


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I'm in the same boat as you Denis. I bought 2 Phals that were on sale because they had finished flowering. Both looked very healthy when I bought them. Since then, I noticed that one of them was drooping badly so I took a close look and noticed it had mealy bugs. I solved that problem but it didn't do any better so I repotted. It was then I noticed that the pot it had been in, still had the holes sealed, no one had bothered to punch them out! When I took it out of its pot, I noticed that the roots were mostly rotted. I cut most of them away but amazingly the plant is setting buds. I finished repotting and am now hoping it survives. Think it will stay alive? I will be following this thread to see what advice you get. Marg

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I got to tell you that I don't think that fella looks too good. I am not a big fan of bringing plants like that back to life myself. But usually when a phal is missing the more recent leaves it is a goner.It barely has any roots either to support it.
You could bag it in some sphagnum moss and see how it goes...

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My opinion is strictly anecdotal but I think that it will pull through. It is a matter of patience because I am sure it is going to take some time for it to recover (of course assuming it recovers). I purchased a sad little phal like that a while ago. It took almost 18 months for it to recover fully. It sent out a flower spike about a year after I got it but I had to cut it back because it was taking too much energy from the plant. However my sad little phal is much happier now. It just took a looong time.

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