Germinating Orchid seeds

ronalawn82(z9FL)March 7, 2010

Hello there,

I stumbled on this bit of information which I found to be quite interesting. Orchids do not hold a special interest for me but I wished to share the information.

"An old revered friend of mine, a wonderful gardener called Lou Stenning, and my predecessor as curator of the Tropical Department at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, used to sow seed of orchids and nepenthes (one of the Pitcher plants from Borneo) in an interesting and highly successful way. He filled pots with sphagnum moss and old orchid compost comprising mainly osmunda fibre packed as tightly as possible. He then stretched a piece of old silk or nylon stocking very tightly over the top of the pot and sowed this seed onto the surface. The moss-filled pot, put to stand in shallow water, provided constant moisture and the texture of the material was fine enough to hold this very fine dust like seed. Germination was always excellent."

Thanks for your time and attention. Here is the site for the full article.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Interesting. Thank you.

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