Clear Liquid Oozing from Orchid

tantadoodles(z6 CT)March 12, 2010

I have had this phaleonopsis orchid for a little over a year. It has a stalk with several swelling buds and I have been anxiously awaiting for it to bloom again.

Recently, I noticed a clear sticking fluid oozing from the upper portion of the stalk. I've wiped it away but it just comes back. I cannot see any evidence of bugs.

What can this be and is my plant in danger?

Thank you.

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I bet it's bugs. Wipe the stalk with a 1 part alcohol / 1 part liquid soap / 8 parts water and this should disappear.


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donaldb(5B Worcester, MA)

Carefully examine the stalk for small round disk like spots.
Could be scale. If there is no evidence this is normal it's a sugary sap. The following is an excerpt from Burnham Nurseries:The flowers naturally produce a sugary nectar that encourages insects to pollinate the flowers in the wild. Some types make a lot of this, which then can drip onto the leaves. Simply wipe in off with a damp cloth so and not to encourage mildew which can grow on it. This nectar can also encourage aphids to the flowers, which will breed quickly and spread amongst your plants. Wash these off too with slightly soapy water.

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I'd go out on a limb here and say its natural honeydew. This sugary exudate most frequently occurs at certain sites of rapid cell expansion; usually new leaves and the spike. Because you're spike is growing at a nice rate, it gives off this exudate. As mentioned, this helps attract pollinators.

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I second Terpguy.


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I am with terpguy and Jane-----I think it is honeydew. It will also appear on your outside plants. You normally don't see it When you water your garden or even the morning due will wash it off. Lastyear here in Western Washington we had a drought (yes no rain in Washington for weeks).
I went out to pick cherries and every leaf and branch on the tree was covered with the honeydew. When the rains started it was gone. But before you blow it off make sure you don't have any sucking insects like scale, and aphids.
They will secrete the same honeydew ooz.

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

To check for insects, wipe the underside of the leaves with a clean damp cotton ball. If you see any specks, you have a problem.

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I third Jane.


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