Question about a phal type dendrobium

anna_in_michiganMarch 19, 2011

Hi guys, I got an orchid a few months back that someone on here helped me identify as a phal type dendrobium. I just have a question really quick - and feel free to answer me like a kindergartner because I know about as much as one would.

It has two flower stalks on it, one of which just recently became bare and I am wondering if I need to trim it back at all? Does anyone else have any other tips? We have just kept it in the container and mix that we got it in and I wonder if it is suitable (I removed the paper from the container). Also, I have it in a south facing window, is that correct light? Thanks!

Here is an older picture from before the flowers died off:

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Anna, you can put your pic. in the link to save people copying and pasting....

You can cut off spent flower stems because they will not bloom again and as far as tips go there is little i can tell you except that your orchid needs warm temperatures all year with perhaps a slight cooling down in autumn.

The "Phal" bit comes from Dendrobium phalaenopsis a tropical orchid that comes from places to the north of Australia. Orchid breeders have used other Dendrobium species as well and some of those species have made the hybrids
more tolerant of slightly cooler conditions and in some instances make the plant flower at different times during the year.

Find some complete culture notes on the net that relate to climate zones similar to that of Michigan and go from there.

Good luck with the orchid.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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