orchids that need more water

vtandreaMarch 11, 2012

It's taken me about 5 years to learn that some of the orchids I've purchased need watering more often than once a week. I learned the hard way by seeing pleated leaves show up! Thus, the skewer test to determine its dryness is meaningless. So far I've come up with this list of orchids that want water at least twice a week: those in the miltassia/miltonia family, odontioda, colmanara and brassia. I realize I've probably used "family" incorrectly and maybe these all belong to the oncidium alliance. Does anyone have others that get watered fairly frequently?

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I water my Dracula, Masdevallias and Pleurothallis every 2 days. Same with the Bulbophyllums which love lots of water. Don't feel obligated, will leave them as long as 4 days between drinks if I go out of town but no longer.


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As a beginner, I struggle for watering.
1. You have different water requirements for different orchids.
2. You planted in different media like moss, bark or else.
3. A plant is sitting at a relatively sunny spot or not.
4. Each orchid itself has various schedules for blooming, dormancy or growth.
5. Some people suggest that I have to take it to a sink and water should come out for 30 sec from the bottom hole.
6. Some pot is made of cray with many side holes and some is made of plastic without any hole (I learned it has to have at least a hole at the bottom).
7. You can't put too much water and you can't put too little. What do you mean?

Oh, I guess I will learn slowly by experience ;)

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