Gastrochilus Japonica Keiki

cnslr81March 20, 2011

I believe my gastro japonica has grown a keiki. I didn't think much about it until reading the dendrobium kingianum thread, when I realized the gastro has not bloomed in a while. Could this be because of the keiki? Any advice on what to do? Leave it alone? Remove? Other issues?

Here are some photos (taken before watering):

Another thing to be aware of, the gastro looks less yellow in person than in this photo.


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Don't remove it, totally different story.


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philohela(z8 Las Vegas)

The plant is not affected by the keiki; my Gastrochilus grew a keiki, then bloomed away right on schedule. The spikes start in June every year, and the blooms open up in late September, early October.

How long has it been since your plant has bloomed? What are the growing conditions? Hopefully we can help determine why it is not blooming for you.

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Thanks! has been several months since it bloomed. However, I found that it usually blooms every few months. I did recently move it to a location with a bit more light. Unlike what is typical (at least based on what I've been told), this gastro doesn't like much light. Right now it in a low lit area, with some indirect sun (when it is sunny...not common during the winter). In addition, it receives about 5 hours of light from a CFL that is equivalent to 100 watts. Before the whole keiki thought, I suspected not enough light, which could be the case. I had it near a west facing window which was good for summer and fall, but I think not enough light in winter. Before moving to Upstate NY, I had it in similar growing conditions it is in now, so I'm hoping it will develop a spike soon.


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philohela(z8 Las Vegas)

Mine only blooms once a year; it seems to be growing well by a north window. I live in Las Vegas, and it is always bright with no direct sun.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I have never grown this species, so treat what I say with caution but that does not appear to be a keiki. I think it is actually a new growth as it is coming from the rootstock. Don't be fooled by the aerial roots: many orchids make them. If it was a true keiki you would be able to separate it from the stem. Either way it looks very healthy and needs no action. PLease post some pics when it flowers. - Ian.

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