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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)May 29, 2006

Yes folks, it's me AGAIN with yet another questions. I think this is the last one for awhile tho:)

I bought a bottle of Neem. Bon-Neem Insecticidal Soap Concentrate from Bonide to be exact. This morning I read the little flappy thing on the back.

They have this stuff sounding about as dangerous as nuclear waste!!!!!!! Harmful if inhaled....well yeah, I can see that I shouldn't be putting my nose in the spray of mist but I'm to wear long sleeves shirts, long pants, shoes and socks, goggles, GLOVES that are chemical resistant????

I understand that the object of using this product is to get it on the plant and target bugs and NOT on myself. But if a little drifts on me, am I going to grow a third ear or something?

Is this stuff REALLY that toxic or is this pretty much a case of the company protecting their backsides? Even the garlic spray stuff I've used comes across as being pretty dangerous stuff and yet this is something that we eat?

Btw, my pest is the spotted cucumber beetle. Those little b@s!@*ds have eaten so many holes in my bean plants. I try to catch them but they quickly dive into holes right at the base of the plant. I had thought to use the neem but I'm having my doubts. I really don't want to use something that I have to dress up like a character in a sci-fi movie!

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username_5(banned for no reason)

In general I encourage people to pay close attention to the labels of chemical products. The reason is that the manufacturers of chemicals are not always forthcoming regarding the dangers of their products.

When it comes to organic stuff (neem is organic) the labels are almost always way over cautious as the risks are overstated. Go figure.

I believe bon-neem is an insecticidal soap, not sure if contains any Az whatever that is the active insecticide or not. I use Safer Bio Neem myself since it has the insecticide in it. There are also pure oils from the neem seeds.

Anyway, the stuff isn't toxic and is used in soaps and toothpastes. Not the insectiicidal soap, nor the insecticide concentrate, but the oil.

It isn't likely to hurt you or anyone else, but still, pay attention to the labels to stay on the safe side. There may be something in the "inactive ingredients" that we aren't being told about.

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100% neem is not toxic at all. i have a bottle and there are no safety cautions. whatever you have must have some kind of additive, I would think, if it has warnings.

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username_5(banned for no reason)

ah, here is a link to the label. Also making it clickable link below.

Long story short is you kind of got ripped off if you were hoping for a neem product.

This is an insecticidal soap, a valuable 'tool' in it's own right, but it is most certainly not neem. The manufacturer should be sued for claiming it is. A minority of the fatty acids in the insecticidal soap come from neem oil.

As such it is a plain insecticidal soap (again, a valuable product for mites, aphids and many other insects), but you probably paid a premium for it since it is labelled as neem.

I would suggest returning it and buying a different insecticidal soap if you want an insecticidal soap OR buying a real neem product if you want neem.

Safer makes Bio-Neem, which is not neem oil, but an extract of the insecticide in neem. I have been using this and like it so far, but the bug season is just now starting to ramp up in my area so the jury is still out.

Other sources sell the actual oil from the seeds. Some sell it pure and it should have some emulsifier added if you are going to spray it (an emulsifier helps the product stick to the plants instead of running off). Others sell it with an emulsifier added.

Here is a link that might be useful: label link

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This product is made from the seeds of the Neem tree and is a Neem product. "This blend of potassium soaps derived from Indian Neem tree seed and other
sources is specially formulated as a Ready-to-Use spray that kills mite and insect
pests on contact." from the label

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hitexplanter(8 a)

azadachtrin (spelling?) is the active ingredient of the neem tree that is used for pest control. Rose Defense by Green Light is a 70% active ingredient product. Used to be 90% several years ago but I guess (my guess:) is that it worked ok at 70% so the company uses less of the expensive stuff and makes more money. I am a cynic with many garden products as I have seen more half-truths and outright lies in this industry over the last 20 years than I care to count. That being said, I have used several neem products with good success over the years and personally would recommend it to anyone as a less toxic approach to pest control. Using it with good common sense it should be completely safe. It is been used in India for over a 1000 years and has been shown to be safe in all the forms I am aware of. Chemical companies do cover their butts because we are a blame someone else for my stupidity society.
David garden center manager in Canyon Lake

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