aphid control on crepe myrtle

river_crossroads z8b Central LouisianaMay 16, 2010

Hi, I'm new here. I've bought neem oil but it's such a mess & so little spray against so many aphids that I'm going to try the plain jetstream of water method.

Can I pour the neem oil mixture onto the ground around the crepe myrtle & kill the aphids systematically? Will it kill the aphids? Will it hurt the crepe myrtle?

To 1 gal water I'm using 2 tbsp neem oil, 1 tbsp baking soda, few drops either Dr Bonner Peppermint castile soap or Joy lemon scent non-ultra (whichever people think is best), not storing this mixture & planning for after the sun starts to set. Right formula? How often to pour around the crepe myrtle? I can post the circumferences of my 4 crepe myrtles if anyone can help me with how much to apply. Thanks!!!

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anney(Georgia 8)

No, the Neem oil poured at the base of the plant won't infuse your crape myrtle so it kills aphids systemically. The water spray really works well though. Once aphids are knocked off a host plant, they don't know how to return to it, so they languish and die!

I'd save the Neem for other uses.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks so much, Anney. You may have the same problem with crepe/crape myrtle - the black fungus that eats the secretions ("honeydew") of the aphids, then the leaves are so coated with black that the plant can't get any light. I'll go get out my hose as soon as it cools off tonight. Thanks again!

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A sharp spray of water, from the garden hose is not necessary and if that is the water source due care is needed since the pressure from that hose can easily damage the plant more then the Aphids would, is all that is necessary to knock Aphids off any plant. Some people that know nothing about the life of Aphids might tell you that the Aphids you knocked off will just return. That is not the case although since you already have several generations of Aphids on your plant you will see more Aphids appear, and those can be knocked off with another sharp spray of water.
Spraying any poison around to control Aphids will also kill off any beneficials, predators, of these wee buggers.

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