Beware of buyinig seedlings.

orchidnickMarch 17, 2014

A few years ago, at the $7.50 table of Santa Barbara Orchid Estates, I bought Renanetia 'Sunrise' (falcata x imshootiana). Checking it out, it looked like stunning orange could be expected and I looked forward to first bloom as the plant matured. See:

It finally bloomed, see picture below. A washed out yellow/brown is all I got. Now some of the photos do show that but the orange dominates. Oh well, beware of seedlings!


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Strange intrusion of Gardenweb advertising. If you just ignore it and copy the link as if the ad was not there, it does allow you to bring up the site. The first line, which is partially blocked, stated that I hoped for an orange bloom as is shown by the photos in the link.


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This is a cautionary tail, but it also highlights the downside of an otherwise riveting endeavor. That's why people like to buy compots of seed produced plants, you never know what you get! Especially with plants of high variability like Cattleyas

That's definitely Renanetia Senset but more influenced by the Neo parent. It's kinda cute. Send it my way if you don't want it ðÂÂÂ

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I agree. It has happened to me many times. I rarely buy seedlings anymore unless I personally know the grower. Don't trust anyone down here in Florida so it won't be happening. I've been burned more times than not.

Pretty, though...


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westoh Z6

FWIW: I've had very good luck with seedlings (2-2.5 years from blooming) from a couple of older vendors, Carter & Holmes (never disappointed) and the old Oak Hills Gardens come to mind. I also got some really nice seedlings (as advertised) from Mike at EoOM. I think C&H is an outstanding vendor (plants, customer service ,etc...), especially if you are into catts, but they always have some nice other stuff also, usually not blooming size. At $9-$12.50 per pop, a pretty inexpensive (IMO) way to try your hand at some new things.

I bought my first compot (mini-catt cross, 7-10 plants) from New Vision orchids at our local show in February, we'll see how those turn out. I'm seeing some new growth, so far so good. Will need to repot the survivors (if any) in a few months, I'll be asking for advice here when that time comes.


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

That is always the risk of buying unbloomed seedlings; they can look very different. I got my plant, Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS, back in 2005 from Tropiflora. Being a mericlone, it has always bloomed out as expected.

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Thanks for sharing, Nick. I also have a seedling of Renanetia 'Sunrise'. It is a few years from blooming. I will just have to wait and see what it looks like whenever it gets around to blooming.

It is very tempting to buy seedlings. Generally, people discuss the risk of seedlings dying or how long it takes them to bloom. Rarely have I heard a discussion on the possibily disappointment around first blooming.

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Nick, too bad. It took me one seedling blooming out nothing like the picture to swear off. For Phal folks, Big Leaf Orchids is clear that seedlings may look different than the photo.

CJ, I'm with you on seedlings - mericlones or stem props only. My space holds about 40 orchids - no room for duds.


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