Cym.buds overdue to open

helga1March 12, 2011

2 of my cyms have been in bud since December, but won't open. What could be the cause? The plant looks fine otherwise.

Also, what are the round light tan spots on some of cym flowers? I don't see any pests.

Thank you for responding.


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I have the same experience. Most of the Cymbidium types in SOCAL are reporting that blooming is delayed. It certainly is for me. Fewer plants are blooming, all are doing it later this year, obviously related to the climate. We have had a wet and cold winter.

It's out of your control, next year will be better ---------- or not.


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Yes, dendrobs too had a weird blooming pattern. Den. Hollywood grew 5 spikes and only a few of the buds opened, all others yellowed and fell off. So disappointing!
Over the winter I can given them either good light in the GH, or 65 deg. min. in the house. Temperature in the GH is not steady. I try to keep it at 55-60, but several days in a row the thermometer registered mid 40s. Will that cause bud blast?


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