Pollinating cymbidium question

cardarlin(5)March 7, 2011

I was experimenting with my cyms. I have Sarah Jean Ice Cascade and Satin Doll. I removed the Pollina from the Sarah Jean on a few of the flowers. The flowers where the Pollina was removed after a week the lip petals started to turn pink. I was just curious if this was supposed to happen and if someone could explain the science behind it for me. Thanks.

P.S. The lip petals on the Satin Doll have also turned pink in areas where it wasn't pink before. I was under the understanding that the pollinated flowers would eventually turn a differant color but I didn't expect the flowers from where the pollina were removed to turn as well.

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When successful pollination has occurred the flowers should wilt as the stalk begins to swell. After one week you should be able to observe both events.


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