Whoops! I broke off all the leaves on my phal?

cardarlin(5)March 7, 2011

I have a phal that had a leaf that seemed like it was rotting at the base. I gently tugged on it and before I knew it I busted off all the leaves. So now I'm left with roots and a teeny tiny stump. The roots are in very good condition the stump is a nice green color and I don't see anymore rotting flesh. Overall it looks pretty healthy to me. Just wondering if it will ever grow back any leaves?

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Your plant had crown rot. It happens when water gets into the crown and temps are cool. Best to toss the plant and start over. Don't mist phals or get any water in the crown.

You could wait and the plant will send up a keki from the stub but, IMO its not worth the trouble to wait a few years for a new plant to grow, unless this was a valuable plant.

I'd go shopping.


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