Basal keikies but no roots

spiker01March 8, 2011

My Phal has two basal keikis, but the roots have all gone away except one very sick looking one. What do I do to encourage roots and still save the keilis. I have dipped the base in a rooting hormone paste, now do I put it under the grow light or do I put it in the dark? Do I keep it warm or cool? I have heard to soak the whole thing in fertilizer water for a half hour. It may not be worth saving, but if I don't try I will never learn.

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Stick them in some moist sphagnam and put in a bright location with your other Phals. Who puts plants in the dark??

Why did the roots die? Did you cut the keiki off the mother plant?


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Sorry to have mislead you, the mother has lost all the roots and the two basal keikis are only an inch high. I am assuming the plant is trying to save itself by producing the small plants.

I'm trying to get a picture to post, so far I have got the picture to photobucket and now I'm stuck.

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