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juniperbreaMarch 7, 2013

I have this phal orchid that I received as a gift two years ago. The flowers fell off and I cut the spike back to the bottom. It gained two new leaves, then sat for a long time doing nothing. I water it every few weeks. The water is from either RO water or water from my fish tank...I alternate. It sits on my kitchen table, So no direct sunlight, or indirect really. Just light from my French doors that lead outside...

Then in January, I noticed a new spike! Joy! But it shriveled and died about half way back. Then another new spike! More joy! It too has started to die... what's up with that!?!?!

Also, some roots sprang up in the back, but they shriveled and died too...

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To me it doesn't seem like you have been giving it enough water. Depending on what medium your phal. is potted in, it should be watered about once a week. Have you checked to see what the roots look like?

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I would agree that a phal growing inside a home should be watered at least once a week (depending on the medium and pot of course). Generally, home heating units make for a pretty dry indoor climate. Lack of humidity can also cause flowers and buds to fall off prematurely.

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