Vanda SansiaiBlue Hanging On

shirley-z-8-txMarch 7, 2011

My Vanda Sansai Blue is barely hanging on. It had buds but had lost leaves and had a bare brown dead looking stem at the bottom. I cut the stem trying to leave the roots but it lost four more leaves so I cut the stem to green and applied cinnamon, leaving two roots. I then suspended it just above some bark in a pot hoping for humidity and so far so good. don't know if it will make it but the buds have opened and it hasn't lost any more leaves. I thoroughly mist the roots every day.

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Close Up O Flowers on Sansai Blue.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Vandas are terrific orchids if you have the conditions, but if you don't you will only have heartache. They must have direct sun and heat and plenty of it. Your conservatory looks very nice but I would bet it is too dark and cool a lot of the time. What you can do in Zone 8, however, is hang them out in the garden for 6 months of the year. Don't shade them at all, only bring them in when the night temp drops below 10C 50F.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Nice plant and blooms! I really struggle with trying to successfully grow vandas. Your plant looks very good compared to the few I have. Mine are outdoors now, but will have to come back in for a few nights. I'm hoping they'll grow roots before our extreme heat hits later this summer.

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granniek: I have been fearful of putting my vanda outside because I cannot water them as much as I think they would need lt. In fact I think that is why I had the problem with this one. I didn't water it enough. I have been soaking the roots every morning now but it still doesn't seem to be enough because the roots look wrinkled. I am experimenting with growing some in bark. We will see how that goes, but they look good so far. Don't know if there are roots in the bark or if they just like the extra humidity.

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