Repotting a Miltonia?

gesjenn(z8 WA)March 15, 2008

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a miltonia which has almost finished flowering, and I think it needs a bigger pot. It's in a 3 inch pot now. What kind of potting medium is best?Is the best time to repot right after flowering? It's difficult to tell if its growing new roots yet.

Any advice will be much appreciated! (I usually just grow catts plus a few phals.)

Thank you ahead of time.

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Hi Gesjenn,

I just repotted one of my miltonias. It came in a 3 inch pot. It had soo many psbs that it was growing out of the pot. I had to go two pot sizes up to get it to fit but that left the plant overpotted because it didn't have the root ball to fill a 5 inch pot. I ended up having to divide the plant into two. It wasn't an even division so one part was potted into a 4 in pot and the other went back into the 3 inch pot. I used a terrestrial orchid mix - Whitney Farms from Fred Myers. It has a good mix of fir bark, sphag moss and a bit of pumice. Miltonias don't want to dry out so go with a mix that retains water. After blooming is a good time to repot.

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gesjenn(z8 WA)

Hi claire1,
Thank you for the information. I appreciate it!
BTW, do Miltonias still need to be watered regularly right after repotting? (Unlike cattleyas, which need to dry out a bit.)
Thanks again...

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I would water it right after the transplant and than continue on with your regular water schedule. Milts don't like to dry out at all so I wouldn't think they would appreciate the stress of a drying out period after the stress of a transplant - especially if you find that you need to divide it.

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I only have a Miltonia cuneata and I repotted it into osmunda! Of course I water it everyday (well almost everyday!). It is growing great and has been in flower since late January (can't remember). I used a net pot too.
It will be interesting to see how well it does.
I do not think these plants like their feet wet but like
to have daily moisture over their roots.

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gesjenn(z8 WA)

Hi claire and terrestrial,
Thanks so much for the info...I'll be repotting it soon.

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