bugs on grape leafs?

oosul(z8 az)May 8, 2007

There are these bugs on my grape leaves that seem to be

doing some damage by making the leaf have white spots and

black spots and dicoloration. Every leaf that is affected

has these bug on the underside or on the top side.

What are they and how do I get rid of them?

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oosul(z8 az)

Okay..I just figured out that they are aphids.
So how do I get rid of them?

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Try blasting them off with the hose. If you are feeling sadistic run your fingers over the leaves and squish them.

If you want to spray them with something get an insecticidal soap. If you want a preventative once you have them cleared up, use Neem oil.

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Any sharp water spray will knock aphids off, use the hose if you have a lot of area but a 1 quart spray bottle will work as well. That may need to be repeated several times to get all the generations of aphids.

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Also, I am wondering why you are having aphids on grapes... are you over watering them? If they are established, they won't need much water... Here in Sacramento, where we get around 105, I didn't water them at all... their roots went over to the vegetable garden and got watered that way. I'd suspect, in AZ, if you mulch, you might not have to water more than once a week at the most. IF they are established.

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