Newspaper staying down?

musickep(7)May 31, 2011

Ok, for those who use newspaper as walkways in their garden etc. Do you put anything on it to get it to stay down? I wet mine and then used grass clippings (thankfully from the neighbor) but I never hear anyone talk of this, only that they use newspaper as mulch etc. So I was wondering what you use to keep it from blowing away? Thx!

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

we use anything mulch hay, have used stones and sawdust.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens garden page

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yes, you will need to apply something over the newspaper. Most use another form of mulch, such as bark or wood chips, straw, etc.

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I cover mine with seaweed, then hay, ever since the year that I covered my newspaper with only hay and came home from work only to find the whole neighborhood covered in newspaper and hay. A rock placed on a few corners will help. Eventually the newspaper will get wet and adhere to the ground.

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I have never put any newspaper down on the walkways in the garden prefering grass, or rarely stone. However newspaper does need something to hold it in place or the wind will blow it around. Wood Chips would be preferable to grass clippings since the grass clippings, thick enough to hold the paper down, will smell really bad. I have seen people try the stone on a few corners of the newspaper and watched as the paper was blown away with the stones left behind. Sometimes I have seen newspaper get wet enough, long enough, to form way looks like paper mache but even that can blow away when the wind is fairly strong.

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