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seanakdMarch 30, 2010

I am new to growing orchids, received my first as a gift last May (09). I now have three, and all of them sent out bloom spikes again this spring. It seems like it is taking forever for the blooms to open. It is like watching a butterfly in a chrysalis. I can see the spots on the petals through the green sheath, but have no idea how long it is supposed to take before they are fully developed and open.

The orchid with the best developed buds was labeled as a Hawaiian Odontoglossum. How long does it typically take for blooms to develop and open?


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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

The fact that these plants are re-blooming means that you are ahead of the game. Many people have a hard time getting their first orchids to bloom.

The good news is that spikes that take a long time to develop usually last a long time. Different orchids take different lengths of time to develop.

Once a spike develops don't change the conditions. After the spike starts to form buds, don't rotate the plant.

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turtle_lover(9 LA)

yes, congrats on getting it to bloom! after a lot of reading, i got my phal to spike for the first time my 2nd year having it, buds opened by march (last year)... this year is different... buds are just now opening... i think it stopped bud growth to shoot out a new branch on the spike....
just to throw out there... i was expecting it to be the same time as last year... now my other phal spiked at the beginning of march... go figure!
actually, when one fades, i'll still have the other yay! :)

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Thank you for the tips. I have already violated the 'don't change conditions' rule. Mainly because I was worried about light changes (bright spring sun), and the bark was black. So I repotted them, knowing this was likely a bad idea when flowering, and moved them to better light. We'll see what happens. My first bud is now opening and the plants still look happy. The flowers probably won't last as long as they would have if I hadn't fussed over them. I'm hoping I haven't killed them with my enthusiasm.

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