Cymbidium Division? When?

caedmonMarch 31, 2014

I have a Cym that is going to need to be repotted. It's out of room, and it has been in the pot for two years (at least). When is a good time to repot it? I live in TN. It has started four new growths, but I haven't seen any bloom spikes yet. Last year, it had many more new growths, and I word that it is pot-bound�

Also, while I've seen some instruction on how to do the repot, and what the medium should look like, I'd love some tips on that too.


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The best time to repot is after it finishes blooming and before it starts growing, right now actually is probably a good time. Leave at least 3 adult pbulbs with each division and when you clean off the bracts around the old bulbs watch out for new growth which is easily dislodged at that time.


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Thanks! On it this week. I have a miniature Cattleya NOID that needs a repot as well. I suppose I'll hit them both at the same time.

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In regards to getting it to bloom - can you tell us the conditions it receives such as water, light? is a good source of info.

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I water it once weekly, by soaking it really well. It sits in a Southwest facing window, which receives moderate light (occasionally bright). We are in a new house this year, and I have until this house been able to have it outside during the summer. Frankly, I'm having to find good spots for all of my plants, and some are responding more favorably than others.

Anyhow, we don't have any protected areas to keep it from getting fried outside, so it might live indoors this year. Last year, it started seven spikes, but only two finished (the others browned and dried up). So, I don't expect blooms from it. It seems happy, not to leggy, and a nice healthy green.

I don't have a regular regimen for fertilizer. (guilty, guilty, guilty)

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Consider fertilizing every time you water - with a flushing with pure water every month or two. Many people found it more realistic to just fertilize with a weak solution at every watering, so there is no need to stick to (and potentially mess up!) a regimen.

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Does it at least get some direct sunlight, even if it is diffused or filtered?

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