More Pictures of Garden Problems that I need help identifying

felin(8B)June 29, 2011

Hi again,

Here are a few more pics. Wondering if any of you might be able to diagnose and help with what these things could be caused from/by. Thanks so much in advance!!

Bell Peppers are touching ground. Concerned that that is not ok and that they will rot? Do you know if it is ok for them to touch the ground?


Even tho not doing so in this pic, is it common/normal for leaves to sort of wilt up during the heat of the day even after they've recently been watered?


Here is about 3/4 of our whole garden:

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Pics show great looking plants from what I can see. I don't think you have a problem going on. Heat does wilt them & plants should recover in evening. Try not to wet leaves & see if that makes a difference. You could also use mulch - you'll be glad you did. I used to not mulch because of fear of habitat for slugs, but now that I do I can't tell much difference except for plants grow better because kept moist & earthworms love it! I always mulch now as long as soil has warmed in spring 1st.

I'm jealous of your melons & peppers fruiting already -- we have had a long, cool spring & very few days of sunshine in western WA.

Use something underneath fruits that touch ground - straw or pine mulch, brick, flat rock, black plastic over a mound of soil, piece of board, cardboard, upside down frisbee (so doesn't collect water), upside down pot stuck in soil...

The pepper shouldn't rot unless it stays wet. Looks like you could pick & eat then not bother with anything. :o) When's snack time? I'll bring the chive dip. He, he!

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Wilt up?

hm, this is my 1st time trying to grow watermelons, and I noticed the leaves reach to the sun-literally from morning to dusk the leaves follow the sun. After dusk, they just mellow out and relax.

That bell pepper looks good to eat now !!LOL My reds and yellows just set the other day. Already had a few anaheim chiles, and the arbols are starting to turn red.

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Thanks all for the feedback.

So... the leaves, on cantaloupe, for eg. have nothing wrong with them?

The few ways that our leaves ever get wet are: if they happen to be touching ground right at where plant is coming out of ground as we water with drip system. Only other way is when I go out in either morning or evening and spray plants with soapy water.

Love your feedback.
Yes, our peppers are very close. Waiting for them turn totally red first. Can't wait!

Oh...yes, picked our first tomatoes yesterday and they are not NEAR as sweet as the first ones that we ever grew which was last summer. Difference is that last year my husband sprayed miracle grow on them often. These poor things have not been fertilized except for one half attempt this past week. Our garden is 100% organic this year too.

Feel free to advise. Would love it. Thanks again!

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No reason you can't use an organic fertilizer on your maters

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That melon in the top pic. has a case of sun burn, one of the reasons to grow lots of vines with lots of leaves is to avoid sunburn. It may mature ok or it may crack and/or rot there.

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