Growing orchids without pot

nursekubaMarch 4, 2007

Within the last month I was at an Asian market while I was on vacation out of state, in the orchid section they had some orchids that were growing without a pot. They were hanging with a wire contraption and roots were hanging down, without a pot or growing media. It was a huge column of roots. It was very beautiful. Do any of you know about growing orchids like this?

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rhonda_in_fl(z9 SE Florida)

More than likely you saw Vandas growing. We grow them like that down here in Florida all the time...they love growing naked! :)

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I have a few Vandas hanging from wire S hooks , the wood baskets take up room , after awhile most of the roots are not in it anyway , also in time the wood slat basket will rot . Happy growing ... Gin

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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

I once bought some mail order orchids from a nursery in the N.T and they had all been grown "naked". I got a Cookara Bill that had an enormous beard of roots about 1m long and it kept growing quite happily for a few years, until I shoved them into a clay pot and started growing it the conventional way.

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junglspy(z7 GA)

yeah, sounds like vandas

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orquidman2004(z8 Coastal Ga.)

Hola- I have a few plants growing without a pot! Vandas, Aerides, and Vanilla! And they seem to do ok!
Luis A. Valera

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I just came into possession of a vanda. I was going to build a box, but now maybe not. Mine only has has a couple of roots. Is the watering regimen to mist it every morning?

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

some of the phillipine Dendrobiums are like that too

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does anyone have a pic of this hanging orchid contraption? Sounds beuatiful

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me_171(Zone 6)

Growing orchids without pot? I always thought growing orchids was what keeps me away from pot, so, yes. lol Oh and I know that this is offr topic, but I have been accused of growing pot in my apartment several times, since I am a college student and lots of growing lights usually means that.

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