Help?! New phal with weird growth on roots.

hampshire_ukMarch 11, 2014

I bought this Phal today at Ikea and apparently was far less careful than I realised when checking the roots as I found this when I got home.

Does anyone know what this could be? And do I need to remove it straight away or would it be ok for a few days till I get cinnamon and bark to do a proper repot?

The rest of the plant seems to be healthy,
And the roots are ok, there's a small amount of rotten ones but the bulk of them look all right.

When I bought it the roots were soaked through, so I'm letting it dry. I've also kept it in the packaging as previous orchid's I've bought tend to drop buds when I bring them home, so i'm leaving it on to acclimate them. Will this help in the slightest or should I just get that off to help it dry out?

I'm very much a newbie in this so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

p.s. sorry for the badly lit photos. Our flats wiring is beyond dodgy and lightbulbs keep dying quicker than I can replace them

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westoh Z6

Pretty orchid!

Looks to be some type of fungal/mold thing to me, but not too serious. I'd either remove the affected roots or douse with hydrogen peroxide or some other anti-fungus treatment (or both).

Also, take it out to the plastic wrap, that won't help it to acclimate. If anything it would be detrimental by stopping airflow, which may be the reason for the fungus/mold in the first place.

Good luck,


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