What is my Zygo growing?

jbw1984March 16, 2014

Hello folks--

My zygopetalum got off to a rough start in November when I brought it home--the buds did not open and I had to cut off both spikes. (Asked the experts on here how to deal with it.)

The plant seems to have become quite happy since then, and it's growing new stuff now that it's "spring" in socal.

However I am a bit concerned/intrigued about this: I can't identify what it's growing. It's not a spike, and it doesn't look like a new pseudobulb based on the number of "leaves" on it. The new growth doesn't resemble anything else on the plant.

Can anyone identify for me what is developing at the base of the plant? It's in the foreground of the picture.

Thanks for any insights.

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New growth. The bulb doesn't come until last.

Glad it's growing well for you.

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Thanks terpguy. Growing well SO FAR-- don't jinx it! I am not moving it from the awkward spot it's at in my kitchen---I even worry about putting it back when I water it.

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try to water it from below so you don't get water on the leaves, causes terrible black spotting that can take over and desiccate your growth. ginnibug

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