Organic Liquid Fert for Injector

sudhiraJune 26, 2011

In the past I have used "Organic Advantage" but I can no loner find it. I even called the company left a message, no return call. I fertilizer 1/4 acre flower crop via injector system ( fertigator ), I am in need of an excellent liquid, water soluble product that won't break the bank!

I invite all suggestions!

Thanks so much!

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Organic gardening/farming should be more about making the soil plants are growing in into a good healthy soil then simply substituting one type of fertilizer for another.
Why do you think you need something that appears to be borderline organic due to the high NPK numbers and lack of information about what it is made of?

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Yeah, I know about the soil food web...I am looking for an adjunct, nothing more nothing less.

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Check your local hydroponic stores, NOT EVERYONE GROWS DOPE WITH THESE SYSTEMS, believe it or not but they also grow flowers and veggies. They have a huge selection of OMRI rated ferts in liquid form. I am sure you can also find what you need to make a excellent compost tea. I posted this before but got the same response about them being a waste, the store ferts. are for dope, and its about soil. Well duh it is about the soil, but some times your soil just is not RIGHT (it does take time to make the perfect soil) and you want a little some thing extra.

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Same question came up on my farming Yahoo group. Johnny's recommends PuraVida (may be out of your price range though).

Planet Natural also sells a couple that are OMRI listed and say they can be used in drip system. Not balanced, though, and may be too pricey to buy all 3 and mix you own if you are doing it on a small scale (it was for me!)

Organicare comes in at least three formulations (NPK) so you can make a custom mix.

Nature�s nectar comes in 3 formulations (NPK) so you can custom mix.


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