How do you grow Grammatophyllum scriptum 'Citrina' ?

thuvucuteApril 14, 2007

Hi everyone!

Does anyone here grow the very beautiful orchid name Grammatophyllum scriptum 'Citrina'? I felt in love with it when I first saw it at a website, but don't know what condition to care for it, how to get it to bloom and lighting. Thanks to everyone here reponding my question.


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

I have had Grammatophyllum scriptum var citrina over a year now. It is a big plant, and probably wont be happy in an apartment/house. I believe the plant is warm-growing and can take quite some sun. I give it plenty of morning sun and filtered sun throughout the day.
My plant is already in a 10 inch clay pot, and next year will be ready for something bigger...
I grow it in sphag and perlite, with lavarock on the bottom...

Here is my plant, flowering last August:

It certainly is a beautiful plant: lots and lots of long lasting fragrant flowers...

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

Olya...that's beautiful!
Would you know where I could buy one in our area?

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Hi Olya!
You have a very special and nice plant. What percent do you mix your sphag and perlite? Does it require dry period like what I read on some websites? How do you water it and does it flower when the bulb is big is big enought? How cold can it stand?
Thanks Olya for posting your beautiful plant.

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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

Thank you!
I preorderd from Kawamoto, and picked up the plant at Redlands last year. If you can make it to Redlands, I am sure you can find it there: quite a few vendors had it. I think H&R has it (along with some other Grammatophyllums)...It is a great plant to have in our zone, almost a must! :)

thank you! As for the percentage...I just throw a handful in (I use large stuff...bought a big bag from Calwest Orchid Supplies), just to prevent the spag from packing too tight.
I read about the winter rest...I did not do anything special : I usually water all my orchids a lot less in winter (and some - none) - about once a week or so...Considering it will be getting rain every few days during the growing season, it is a noticeable change.
I let it stay outside down to 45, maybe 42....Lower than that - and it headed for the garage. The plant is getting heavy!
The plant bloomed in about 5-6" size pot, and was ready for a 9" right after that. Next time I repot, it is going into a milk crate....

I read it likes good drainage. At USF Botanical Gardens in Tampa, the plant is grown in a big wooden basket, in a mix of rockwool, perlite and charcoal.

The plant can get rusty spots when not giving good air circulation and light - I had to move mine to a sunnier spot to avoid it.

Good luck with your plant!

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

we grow ours in full sunlight, or close to it, and pot in aliflor with some nutricote (dynamite 20-20-20) mixed in. plants do best in good drainage. the plants will produce MANY more spikes with more sun, usually each of our new growths produces 2 - 6 spikes

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